Professional Uplighting & Custom Lighting

Uplighting creates mood, focus, feeling and effect by coloring the space with cool, customized lighting. From subtle to intense, uplighting by Bill Page makes any occasion magic!

Choose uplighting by DJ Bill Page to take advantage of his many years of experience in wedding and event lighting.
The word “Uplighting” has recently become the buzz of the wedding industry. Special lights, artistically placed to accent and add color can add a most beautiful and surreal ambiance to the room.
Artistically light up large venues to create Cinderella’s Ball, or Disney-like effects. Or add intimacy and warmth to a small venue. Our expert custom lighting creates spectacular effects that will blow your guests away!

Modern uplighting is one of the most cost effective ways to decorate for your wedding or any occasion. Cutting edge lighting effects can match any room to the bridesmaids’ dress colors or the bride’s choice of wedding colors. From weddings to teen dances, when you contract DJ Bill Page for professional uplighting effects for your wedding or event, rest assured you’ve hired quality.

Uplighting makes your Wedding or Event Beautiful
DJ Bill Page provides spectacular lighting for your Big Event
Make any room Breathtaking with High-End Lighting Effects
Elevate Your Experience with Professional Uplighting and Accent Lighting

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